Ronald Collier,  Executive Director 
 " My goal as Executive Director is to rebrand the agency as an organization that not only help people but, also create opportunities for those who want to become independently viable in their everyday life; to move the agency toward social entrepreneurship as we teach our consumers the principles of becoming self-sustaining . It is important that we teach individuals that opportunities for success are available through education, job training, stable employment, and hard work."


Name                                      Position                     Sector                            Affiliation                                     County
VACANT                                                                 Low-Income                                                                        Wayne County
VACANT                                                                 Private                                                                                 Wayne County
VACANT                                                                 Public                                                                                  Wayne County
Cole, Chris                                                               Public                          BOS - Kemper County                    Kemper County
Jackson, Samson                                                      Private                         MS State Senator                            Kemper County
Creer, Justin                                                             Low-Income                Public Service                                Kemper County
Ducksworth, Donna                                                 Low-Income                Citizen                                             Jasper County
Jack Darty                                                                 Public                          BOS – Jasper County                     Jasper County
Watts, Shumpert                                                       Private                         NAACP                                          Jasper County
Morrison, Ida                                                            Low-Income               Retiree                                             Newton County
Harris, Kenneth                      Secretary                   Public                          BOS - Newton County                    Newton County
VACANT                               Private                                                                                                                   Newton County
VACANT                                                                 Private                                                                                  Lauderdale County
Norwood, Joe                         Chairman                  Public                          BOS - Lauderdale County               Lauderdale County
Little, Reuben                         Treasurer                   Low-Income                Retiree                                             Lauderdale County
Arrington, Patricia                                                    Public                          BOS – Clarke County                     Clarke County
Philpott, Lillie                                                           Poor Low-Income       Retiree                                            Clarke County
VACANT                                                                 Private                                                                                 Clarke County
Riley, Obie                                                                Public                          BOS – Neshoba County                  Neshoba County
VACANT                                                                  Low-Income                                                                        Neshoba County
Clemons, Leroy                                                         Private                        City of Philadelphia                         Neshoba County
Akines, Odee                                                             Low-Income               Citizen                                             Scott County
VACANT                                                                  Private                                                                                 Scott County
Bradford, Jackie                                                        Public                         BOS - Scott County                         Scott County
VACANT                                                                 Public                         BOS - Smith County                        Smith County
VACANT                                                                 Low-Income                                                                        Smith County
Ducksworth, Perry                                                    Private                                                                                 Smith County

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